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Women's Ministry

The Intercessory Prayer Ministry of EWDC's  focus is to continuously intercede for the overall ministry to include its members, leadership, and Pastors as well as other areas worldwide under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


This ministry also focuses to strengthen the gifts of those who have a passion for prayer & intercession  to prepare them for their kingdom assignment as intecessors.



Intercessory Prayer Ministry
Men's Ministry
Hospitality Ministry
Evangelism Ministry

The Women's Ministry of EWDC strives to unite, equip, and further develop women in the work of
the Kingdom as it relates to the mission and purpose of the church.



  • To establish positive relationships and support systems between women. (Love)
  • To equip women with knowledge and training in the areas of finance,careers, relationships, and character building to further develop their personal and spiritual lives. (Teach)
  • To help women further develop in their relationship with God and in their interactions with the outside world through missions, outreach, partnerships, evangelism, etc. (Grow)

  The Men's Ministry of EWDC seeks to develop initiatives/activities that assist in developing men to fulfill God's ultimate plan for their lives. This ministry's overall focus is to establish God's purpose, strengthen our effectiveness, and build men to be strong leaders in God's Kingom.




Youth & Young Adult Ministry

The Hospitality  Ministry of EWDC takes pride in the overall care and professionalism of our church to include servitude in all capacities, being alert to serve the needs of church members and visitors, and to ensure that visiting pastors and guests are always served with kindness and love.

Always keeping an ear open to the cry of the unsaved, The Evangelism Ministry of EWDC seeks to continuously aim to win souls for Jesus Christ always sharing the faith, belief, and importance of salvation. As the scriptures teach we must without fail "Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation".

The Youth & Young Adult Ministry of EWDC prepares, transforms, and continuously ignites the hearts of our youth and young adults to become fearless leaders in Christs' army!

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