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Bishop James B. Smith, Ph.D. - Sr. Pastor
Diocesan Bishop, Beth-El Churches of Christ, Inc.

Bishop James B. Smith is a man of prayer driven by ministering to God through praise and worship. He sincerely seeks to take God’s people into uncharted waters of God’s awesome power and glory. He was spiritually developed by two of the most prolific Apostolic Fathers of our time, the late Apostle Robert Evans, Jr. and the late Bishop Kenneth H. Moales, Sr.


He and his wife, Dr. Cheryl R. Smith, co-founded the EMMANUEL Worship and Deliverance Center, where they work to develop and prepare God’s sheep for Kingdom building. In October 2015, he was consecrated as a Bishop-Suffragan (in the Beth-El Churches of Christ), where he continues to oversee finance and administration, as well as serves as the Secretary of the Sacred College of Bishops.


Likened unto David, a man with a passion for praise and worship, Bishop Smith possesses a strong mantle of prayer, which he effectively uses for the edification of the body of Christ. His favorite scripture, “Pray without ceasing,” has become his bread and water, for without it, he would cease to live. Hearing the mandate from God to make prayer popular among this generation, Bishop produced a prayer CD entitled, Lord, Teach Us How to Pray.

Currently, Bishop Smith is the President and CEO of a national enterprise that focuses on developing professionals who care for youth in systems of care and those who are parenting and/or pregnant. He also teaches upper-level social sciences courses at Coppin State University. He possesses bachelor’s degrees in biology and social science, a master’s degree in public administration, and earned doctorate in public policy and administration. His dissertation is entitled the Role of Spiritual Intelligence in Public Policy in the African American Pentecostal Church for which he is using to develop and frame the Public Policy Institute for the African American Pentecostal Church.


Completely sold out to the will of God, Bishop Smith is man whom God has called to stand to proclaim His Word in these last and evil days. His delight is in pleasing the Lord, and his sincere desire is to always bring glory and honor to the Father. An anointed preacher, prophet, and worshipper, Bishop Smith spends his life chasing after He whom his soul loveth.

Bishop Smith was appointed as the Diocesan Bishop of the Fourth Episcopal Diocese during the annual Holy Convocation of the Beth-El Churches of Christ in October 2021.

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